Advancing The Science Of Cellular Longevity.

Biogenix Inc. was formed in 1998 as an independent research and development company. Its purpose is to innovate new skin care technologies based on discoveries being made in the field of biomolecular science and the decoding of the human DNA. Its brand ‘Biogenix Skin Sciences’ is the product of over 15 years of collaboration with biochemists in the USA, Switzerland, France and Germany.

Biogenix's first innovation is Stemcell-CTM, a core line of potent anti-aging skincare formulations combining patented Swiss phyto stem cell technology with clinically proven actives and the latest advances in active anti-aging ingredients.

In an effort to find powerful natural ingredients for modifying and extending human cellular life, biochemists today are continually investigating the stem cells of plants that exhibit extraordinary longevity. Extracts from the stem cells of these plants have been proven to promote epidermal regeneration and delay the skin’s signs of aging. Phyto stem cell technology utilizes the dermagenetic properties contained within these plants to benefit the human cellular process.

Through its association with a leading Swiss laboratory, Biogenix utilizes the latest in phyto stem cell technology to create a new generation of skincare. Nature offers the best medicine in the world and it should be no surprise that plants yield some of the most powerful ingredients for affecting intracellular communications.

Modern molecular science continues to uncover the ways in which cells communicate to protect, heal and grow. Biogenix employs these new scientific discoveries for maximum results. Biogenix utilizes potent age intervention chemistry in order to stimulate dermal activity and assist the physiological functioning and renewal of the skin to preserve its natural youthfulness. Biogenix is at the leading edge of skincare science with clinically proven formulations that contain safe, effective, and natural ingredients.

Biogenix formulations may be incorporated into any dermal age management skin care regimen to improve results. With Biogenix Swiss phyto stem cell technology, these formulations contribute to DNA activation helping to stimulate the proliferation of human cells and improve dermal density, providing an additional boost to cellular performance. Through the application of DNA science and advances in molecular biology, Biogenix is the brand positioned to be a leader in cellular longevity.