The Science Of Biogenix Stemcell-C.

Why stem cells from plants? Scientists working in the field of biotechnology have discovered that certain phyto stem cells contribute anti-aging benefits. These are the stem cell proteins extracted from plants that have demonstrated an extraordinary ability to survive in harsh climates, to heal themselves, or to dramatically outlive other plants. They have been proven to stimulate and protect human epidermal stem cells and help accelerate cellular renewal. They represent the latest advance in DNA science for helping to increase cellular longevity in the skin.

The power of phyto stem cell technology comes as no surprise to Biogenix biochemists. Herbs and extracts from organic plant life have been the foundation of modern medicine.

The phyto stem cell extracts in Biogenix formulations are from a leading Swiss laboratory – Mibelle Biochemistry AG. Mibelle has developed an eco-breakthrough in the organic harvesting and extraction of plant proteins shown to have dermagenetic properties.

Biogenix Stemcell-C formulations contain natural ingredients, no parabens, and are dermatologist tested and approved.

The actives in these formulations all have high performance characteristics and users can expect to see and feel positive results within a few days to a few weeks depending on skin condition.

Biogenix Stemcell-C has been extensively market tested and sold in both Canada and the US.

Biogenix Stemcell-C Age Intervention

Biogenix Skin Sciences is new, state of the art anti-aging technology using DNA science plus phyto stemcell technology from a leading laboratory in Switzerland. Formulations are considered aggressive and appropriate for skin conditioned for tolerance to high strength active ingredients. Resellers report exceptional results from clients testing products for wrinkle reduction and for tighter, younger looking skin.


Stemcell-C Serum
This cellular youth serum contains phyto stem cell proteins known to accelerate proliferation of new skin cells and protect delicate DNA. Combined with clinically proven ingredients for wrinkle reduction and defense against the visible signs of dermal aging.

30 mL / 1 Fl. Oz.
MSRP $150

Stemcell-C Hydra Booster Gel
This advanced multi-active formulation contains a triple strength complex of hyaluronic acid for deep cellular hydration and moisturizing benefits. Contains clinically proven ingredients that diminish the appearance of wrinkles, stimulate collagen synthesis and provide deep anti-oxidant protection.

30 mL / 1 Fl. Oz.
MSRP $120

Stemcell-C Microlift Eye Gel
An advanced anti-aging eye treatment that improves firmness and reduces fine lines around the delicate eye area. An optimum complex of protein nutrients along with a botanical extract work to strengthen the dermal structure and visibly reduce any tired look around the eyes for a more bright-eyed, youthful appearance.

15 mL / 0.5 Fl Oz.
MSRP $140

Stemcell-C Retinol 3 Complex
An advanced new multi-active Retinol formulation. A maximum concentration of Retinol and a combination of clinically proven ingredients work synergistically to help visibly smooth the look of wrinkles, refine texture, improve skin tone, and visibly restore overall radiance for a more youthful appearance.

30 mL / 1 Fl. Oz.
MSRP $130

Stemcell-C Longevity Complex
This night repair complex features a cellular aging control compound that prolongs cell lifespan and helps skin act biologically younger. Contains an arctic algae capable of surviving extreme conditions that trigger cell detoxification and repair. Lifts and firms your skin while you sleep. Contains a high dose of Dermagene-6TM anti-wrinkle complex.

50 mL / 1.7 Oz.
MSRP $160

Stemcell-C Urban Wrinkle Defense
This scientifically advanced day cream shields the skin from the aging effects of unseen pollution and other environmental aggressors. Inhibits formation of the urban induced wrinkle while nourishing and hydrating the skin. Lays a perfect moisturizing veil prior to makeup.

50 mL / 1.7 Oz.
MSRP $145